My Work

Founders and Coders Projects

Work In Progress

Role: DevOps Lead & Developer

A social media app where creatives can post their works in progress and receive feedback from the community. Built in a team of four using React.js for the front-end, Express.js and PostgreSQL for the back-end REST API.

Enterprise Adventure

Role: Scrum Master & Developer

Currently working pro bono in a team of four to build a web app for the charity Teach A Man To Fish that teaches students entrepreneurial skills. Built using React.js for the front-end and AirTable API for the back-end database.

Crimes Against The Cohort

A game built using React.js in a pair over 3 days that renders a wanted poster for a chosen member of our cohort and then the player has to guess where the "criminal" is hiding.


An app built in a team of four that allows the user to filter and add their own tech tools to aid in your survival during self-isolation.

Personal Projects


A search engine to find a pokemon's type, fetching from the PokéAPI.

Vanilla JS Calculator

A cute calculator built in vanilla JavaScript for the Founders and Coders pre-course.